Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boys can be ballerinas too!

Most of the time my kids do love trying on clothes for me. Although I think they mostly like dancing on the table, which is only allowed when trying on clothes for photos. As you may have noticed, I have two boys and a baby girl, so most of my girl toddler clothes are tried on my boys for sizing. This morning Ollie was a ballerina in his ballerina dress, otherwise known as a smock top. I managed to sneak in a little sewing late last night and whipped up this sample. I have some lovely olive, aqua and red paisley fabric singing out to become a little top.

I also finished off this adorable denim skirt. It has hand crocheted ric rac on it, which I saw on this blog. I think it's such a lovely detail on a classic wardrobe item for a little girl. I'll certainly be making a few more of these to sell.
What's that I hear you ask...??? What's baby Adele wearing today??Well we're onto our third outfit today and the quality of style has dropped dramatically since the first. We've dealt with a poo-nami and a puke explosion and now she wearing crumpled baby lounge pants made with Lecien fabric and aqua trim, matched with a hand-me-down pumpkin patch tee. Not very glamorous, we'll try to get a photo earlier next week :)

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  1. Hi Christy! Thanks for joining in with the pincushion swap. I love your blog and the clothes you have been making your little people. X


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