Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My creative space

In my creative space today:

Half finished pinny's in light teal pinwale cord and super bright red drill - so bright your little one will never get lost!!

The most awesome brown vintage cord with sailboats!! It's so bad it's good. Picked up by my mum from her craft group for a whopping $1 per piece. I'm thinking boys winter happy pants with a gathered orange cuff - that's right, I said happy pants!!

Thanks Kirsty for hosting ... add your creative space link over here.


  1. I love the sailboats. Great pick up.

  2. Yes! A great find. love the shapes of the sails.... and it's corduroy?!!!! Super!

  3. Love that corduroy! Those pinnies are really cute, and great for park visability. Those happy pants are going to be ace!


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