Friday, August 19, 2011

Local craft

Over the weekend I stopped by at one of our local craft fairs, just to kill a little time with the kids. We are lucky enough that our little suburban area hosts two craft fairs per month, just one suburb apart from each other.

While most of the offerings at these fairs are a little daggy, well, really daggy (think crochet tea towels and polar fleece dog coats), every now and then you find a gem.
This little cardigan was purchased for $8, from a stand where every hand knitted item was under $10. While some items were quite ugly, others were super sweet and retro.

It would take me months to knit this for Adele and I don't even think I'd be capable of  knitting those cables down the cardigan. Even though is just acrylic, I still can't believe it was only $8! I'll be back next winter to stock up her wardrobe in cute cosy knits.

Now back to my last post. I just wanted to thank you to everyone for the supportive comments (Amber, Lara, Jen, Karen, Sonja, Cat, Sophie, Trihn, my sis, everyone!)  about my current predicament. I am feeling a little better about my choices and after talking to anyone within range over the past days about where I'm at, I realise there are many others like me, both at uni and not, who doubt some of their big choices.

I begin prac teaching on Monday and I am looking forward to it. I think I will be OK and I will finish my degree.

To you Bernice: I am becoming a primary school teacher and certainly will get in touch if I need any help. Thanks so much for the offer!

Hope you all have a great weekend. It's cold and miserable here, but the 'glass is half full' again!


  1. Bargin I say. Sometimes you just find little old ladies that like to sit and knit and put the money they get back into more wool. I bought a little act acrylic jumper for Baden when he was a baby. She wanted $5 for it. I handed over $10 and told her to keep the change and buy herself a cupcake for morning tea.

  2. I too have bought cardigans from stalls or the op shop - new garments made especially to sell - and they've been great! Best of all is it will be so easy care. I've changed buttons on some. I can't blame them for using cheap buttons. The skirt is gorgeous - it is yours?

  3. Enjoy your 1st day of prac, thinking of you!


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