Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Look 6968 - a winner!

After reading Kristy's glowing review of New Look 6968, how could I not move it straight to the top of the sewing list. So with stretch sateen from Spotlight in hand (hooray for their recent 40% off fabric sale!), I set about making this super easy shift. In just a few hours all tracing, cutting and almost all sewing was complete. I love a quick project every now and then.
I still need to add the buttons to the welt pockets.
The sizing was almost spot on. I cut an 8 on top, 12 waist and 10 skirt, but did end up taking in the skirt quite a bit. I really should have cut an 8, 10, 8, but it's still completely wearable and comfortable and I think this sizing was my poor judgement.

As this is a stretch sateen, I didn't want to lose the stretch in the bodice by lining it, nor double up the fabric as it is thick enough, so I used a facing for the neck and bound the arm holes. I think this is a neat and easy was to finish this dress without adding any bulk.
Overall, I'm super happy with this frock. It will be an easy to wear work dress for my upcoming teaching block and very easy to match with coloured accessories and cardigans in my wardrobe. I'm thinking yellow belt, red shoes and purple cardigan for a bit of fun.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love love love this! I am not a dress wearer, but looking at this dress, I think that might have to change.

  2. That looks great and will translate well to teaching. Have you tried it with a shirt underneath in case you get cold? The fabric pattern is great and would lend it to s nice cardigan too. Is it the same one as your skirt?I'm still dirty I missed that sale LOL!

    I have this pattern too and can't wait to do it. I love the pockets!

  3. I love the fabric you've picked, it will look great with some yellow accents. That pattern is well and truly a gem.

    I stocked up a little *ahem* ok a lot at the 40% off sale at Spotlight to, in fact I bought the red version of the fabric you've used in this post!


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