Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Look 6898 - Awesome!

Now, I should start by saying that this skirt is awesome, but I'm not to sure how much can be attributed to the pattern. In theory New Look 6898 (now OOP) should be awesome, it's just a simple straight skirt with slash pockets and a few pleats in the front. I think the design is really flattering, but the pattern itself runs really BIG, so you need to be prepared to work on it to get it to fit.
I cut a size 10 and still took it in by a couple of inches along the sides and waistband. This is the second time I've made this pattern, this is the first, and found similar problems last time. I had lost the front waist band pattern piece, but simply substituted for a different front waistband in my pattern stash.
The fabric is stretch sateen that I picked up from Spotlight last week for 40% off. I love this fabric! I think that it alone is why I love this skirt so much.
I could have done a better job with the zipper, but it will do. I find lapped zippers so difficult to sew neatly. I think I must be sewing them the wrong way and probably need to brush up on my skills a little. I'm such a fan of invisible zippers, but currently have none in my stash for unplanned projects such as this. I even had to put down a second skirt last night as the very short, metal vintage zipper that I did have was looking too shabby to finish with. I'm all out of kid free time this week and don't know if I can bring myself to taking the kids with me to buy zippers.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day like we are in Sydney today. Who'd have thought you could have a sunny, 26 degree day in winter??


  1. Glorious day in Canberra too!! The skirt is awesome, as are you alterations & modelling poses, go you!! I bet that is amazingly comfortable, love Posie

  2. What a great skirt! It's a really great shape and as always your material choice rocks!

    I'm dirty I didn't know about the Spotlight sale because I had my eye on a few (including a couple you bought lol) but I wanted a nice cotton for my new vintage patterns :)

  3. great fabric. super super cute skirt. i love everything you make.

  4. I nearly bought that fabric the other day.

    Your skirt looks great. Perhaps I should go back and get it?

  5. Great looking skirt. I struggle to wear black and white but always think it looks nice on others. Maybe I need to get over my issue.


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