Friday, August 26, 2011


So I've jumped on the bandwagon and started pinning on Pinterest.

It's fun, it's easy, it's addictive and I fear it may be another Internet time waster!

I certainly don't have the prettiest collection of images, but it is a great tool to collect sewing inspiration ideas.
Some of the collections on Pinterest are just stunning.

I'd love to follow more people so let me know if you're pinning and I'll follow you.

A life note: I had my first day of prac teaching on Monday and all went well. My class is lovely and so is my teacher. I am teaching all next week so probably won't be blogging as much as usual. I also finished my assignment this week and don't another major one due for a few weeks, so I can breathe again. I will finish this degree. The countdown is on - 10 weeks to go!

Happy weekend all!


  1. I LOVE Pinterest! So much inspiration...I just need more time now!

  2. Bad link there, love. pls fix and I'll follow.

    I'll have to join first, but I've been meaning too.

  3. I have stayed away on purpose... I waste enough hours a day as it is..... If you've seen the kid's movie Up, I am one of the dogs getting distracted by the squirrels.... The kids even say squirrel to me when I get distracted!

    But I WOULD follow you if I were on it! :)

  4. thanks for introducing me to Pinterest. yes, might be another time waster, but i'll choose to see it as a source of inspiration. Good luck with your student teaching!


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