Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Seriously Selfish!

Did you know that four other people live in my house? Because judging from the output from my sewing room you wouldn't. It's been a long time since anything for the kids, or the husband for that matter, emerged from my sewing room. Seriously, if the Selfish Seamstress were still blogging, she'd be throwing virtual 'high fives' to me for my selfish sewing efforts of late.
The remedy - make the kids super toys.
I picked up these Ooshka faces from Lisa at Sew It Together. Her little label, The Red Thread, has some super cute, quick sew products.
We have a massive super hero obsession in this house at the moment, so I knew the kids would love them.
They came together quickly, though I did piece the body with the segments in the wrong order, which is why they look a little malformed, but the kids don't read my blog or read at all in fact, so they'll never know.
Next up, sewing for husband. One pair of work pants have a massive hole in the butt thanks to some shufflling around in a roof cavity recently. I'd love to patch them with some bright pink floral fabric to match his work shirt, but he's already and specifically requested no pink repairs.


  1. They look great and are bound to get lots of cuddles from your three. LOL at the no pink repair rules - he spoilt all your fun:)

  2. I've just recently made some of these but haven't yet got to do the oshka boys - glad to see your finished project - they look great and look very well received!


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