Monday, July 2, 2012

Holiday Sewing!

Two weeks of school holidays!! Two weeks of holidays!! Sooooo excited!

After working full time for the past five weeks, my sewing output has definitely suffered - my stash has continued to grow, but I've certainly spent less time creating. Right now though, I'm at the beginning of a full two week break from school and I have so many plans.
To kick off the holidays, I started and completed a long overdue project for the kiddies - a floor cushion for watching TV.
It has a handle too.
Just a simple round cushion made with two 28 inch diameter circles of home dec fabric, a 7 inch high strip of fabric to wrap around the circles and a metal op shop zipper. As this baby takes a lot of stuffing, I've filled it with some hobby fill and some cushion inserts that haven't been used for a while.
Don't you love our new rug?
One of the perks of working full time is a little extra spending money :)
It's a little lumpy, but still good. Ollie stayed like this most of today, catching up on TV watching and computer playing. I'll take him out another day.

Now, what to make next??

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  1. I love this! my kids would love a cushion like this I reckon....I think I need to make one when my sewing 'mood' comes back (seems to have gone on holidays :( )
    and your new rug is nice!!!


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