Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Red thread

Just knocking over some 'like' sewing with red thread on my overlocker. First, Butterick 5495 which I made with some bright red merino knit fabric that I picked up from The Remnant Warehouse. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Remnant Warehouse. I think this may be my new favourite fabric store.
This knit was only $14.95 per meter with a smaller than usual selvage width, maybe 120cms or so. This is compares to $28+ per meter for merino knit at The Fabric Store, or a little more at Tessuti.
I made a toile of this pattern as I was unsure about the kimono sleeves on the long sleeve version. I'm really glad I did, as they were not pretty on me with a very generous amount of fabric under the arm which gathered in an unpleasant manner. I debated whether it was wise to make a sleeveless merino knit top, but I don't feel the cold like others, so think it will still get  a lot of wear.
I cut a straight size 8, grading up to a 12 where that gathered bit is. This still probably isn't enough to fit my torso. I haven't pulled the tie as tight at the pattern stipulates and this is as much as I will for comfort. I found the arms gaped a little, so sewed a small tuck under each arm, which you can see in the pictures now attracts some of the gathered fabric. I also slightly raised the neckline, sewing it up about an inch to prevent a wardrobe malfunction in the classroom. I'm quite happy with this top and despite a few minor hiccups with fit, I think it still this looks.

Keeping with the red theme, I used the remnant of red merino to make Adele another cowl neck toddler dress.
As before the pattern comes together in minutes - all on the over locker except the sleeve and skirt hem.
Isn't she adorable??

Lastly, a simple loose knit top for me, made with a remnant of orange merino from this Renfrew.
This was based on the loose knit top I made in this post, the pattern is from Dixie DIY. I added a few inches to the length and removed a little excess from the width of the top. I quite like how simple and easy this knit top is to make and wear.

Tis all for red, tomorrow I'll be back in the black and given my colour preferences in my wardrobe, there will be a stack to sew.

Hope you are enjoying some holiday sewing fun!

Pattern: Butterick 5495 = $7 inc part shipping
Fabric: 2m merino from The Remnant Warehouse $29.90
Thread from stash
Total: $36.90

Pattern: loose knit top by Dixie DIE = free
Fabric: Remnant from Renfrew
Total: free


  1. Oooh, I wish we had the Remnant Warehouse down in Melb- but I haven't checked Rathdowne Fabrics (similar I think) yet for merino! Our The Fabric Store had some marked down merino and the Metallicus knit, I'm going to make 2 more Renfrew's! Lucky it'll be cold down here for a while to wear them heaps. My pink and white striped one is constantly worn! And I'm going to make up a size 0 Renfrew for my size 10 child, measurements show it should fir. A 2 for 1 pattern, even better!

  2. Adorable Adele and you are stunning in red!

  3. Gosh, you don't feel the cold. Now that comment about not having a proper Winter from the last post makes sense. I was puzzling over that for sometime. I feel the cold exceedingly.

    Love the red stuff you have made, particularly the red dress for your daughter. So cute.

  4. I love the red! Especially Adele's dress. And Remnant Warehouse is pretty much my favourite fabric shop at the moment too... good range, more affordable than Tessuti or The Fabric Store, and much nicer service than Spotlight.

  5. Love that cowl-neck dress! And your tops are beautiful too. If you do start feeling the cold, that sleeveless top will be perfect layered over long sleeves. Very nice!


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