Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Super Caddy

I wish I could take credit for this handy little pin-cushion-sewing-caddy, but it is my mum's genius that I am copying.
Simply take one massive pin cushion, my mum made mine from pattern in the Anna Maria Horner 'Seams to Me' book (please note there is an errata on her site for this pin cushion. We didn't know about this so my base is just glued on), add a bobbin saver (if you don't have one of these, you really must dash out now and buy one. I'm amazed at how well it holds the thread on my bobbins), a tin can (mine was cut with the Tupperware can opener  so there are no sharp edges) and the basic sewing gadgets (seam ripper, scissors, rotary cutter and seam gauge) you have all you need together in one handy sewing hold-all. Seriously handy.

I am sewing up a storm these holidays and have many items to show. Problem is, in order to sew more, I've not been taking the time to photograph my finished items. I have a few kid free hours this morning, so am heading back to the machine. Photos later, sew now.


  1. Very cool!
    I have a question for you!!! I finally bought some Liberty from Shaukat.... after working out that it would cost me $85 to make a top if I bought the fabric locally.... eeekk! Anyway, it feels for beautiful. I was just wondering if you prewash your Liberty cottons before using them? I prewash everything else I use, but not sure if this one needs it.

  2. Ooh nifty. Can't wait to see soe more pics of finished clothes


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